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Meet Fendi Private Suites

Meet Fendi Private Suites

Fendi, the luxury fashion house in Rome, owns a private residence atop their flagship store in Rome. You read that correctly. This is not a drill!

After spending a week touring Greece in a cruise ship stateroom, we went for a major upgrade. A part of my goal when traveling is having a wide range of experiences, including staying at unique accomodations.

Aesthetically, the Fendi Private Suites is couture heaven. Sleek, minimalist, and luxurious material wrap all the surfaces of this chic residence. I’ve stayed in penthouses, 5-star island resorts, and at Marina Bay Sands. While those came with more amenities (for a similar price), Fendi delivers on exclusivity. When your room is one out of seven total rooms, you get the most personalized service you could ever hope for. We were taken care of, in the best ways.

Junior Suite Life

Arriving shortly before noon after taking a private car from the port to the heart of Rome, we were recovering from a whirlwind week of exploring Greece. Checking in is swift – you enter a guarded entryway just off to the side from their flagship store. A guard escorts you upstairs while your bags are delivered to your room.

Room keys are placed in a leather Fendi Selleria card holder. While you check in, you’re given a small Moleskin notebook that you can customize using their stamps. Upon entering the room, a handwritten welcome note accompanied a few treats. We were staying in their Junior Suite, and the room was beyond luxurious. Across from the desk was a huge, interactive monitor that provided information about Rome. You’re also provided a local phone and an iPad full of walking tours. This, added to their convenient location, made exploring Rome such a seamless experience.

Having just missed their breakfast on the rooftop, we asked if there was any way for them to bring down “a few” breakfast items if it wasn’t too much trouble. After about 10 minutes relaxing in the room, the staff wheeled in an entire large tray of breakfast items and lattes.

A Bathroom of Luxury Products

I still dream about this bathroom. 🙂 . This incredible suite had a walk-in shower larger than most NYC studio apartments! I kid, but you get the idea. We were treated to some Diptyque toiletries and everything else you could imagine would be in a luxury suite.

I’m still at a loss for words to describe staying overnight at Fendi. Thoughtful touches are in every bit of the experience, like this rolled up map of Rome. Not entirely sure what material it is, but it certainly doesn’t fall apart on you as you explore. In those 24 hours, I walked over to the Spanish Steps, to Trevi Fountain, and the Colloseum (more on this in the next post).

After a day of exploring, we were still able to book a private tour of the Vatican for the next morning. Chocolates and some chamomille tea greeted us on our desk when we returned. That night, we lay our heads on plush bedding and cozy sheets. It was the perfect place to really do some self-care at the mid-trip point of a 3-week adventure. This was, after all, country #4 and city #8 at this point.

Buongiorno, Rome!

The next morning, we got up nice and early to access the rooftop terrace for breakfast. There was a section to help yourself, along with some a la carte options you could order (it was included). It reminded me of the service at the Sofitel we stayed in in Paris. With views of Rome, decadent food and a whole day of exploring to follow, there was certainly no better way to start off our day.

Would I return to the Fendi Private Suites? Absolutely. It does cost more than an average night in Rome, to say the least. I stand by this decision, even for one night, for those who like to have that luxury experience while on vacation. Fendi, you have my attention.

Now, if only someone can give Chanel the memo to open up rooms above their flagship… hehe.

Stay tuned for more about my adventures around Italy! I am posting a new entry every Wednesday to catch up on all these travel posts. Sharing more soon!



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