Meet Winnipeg

Manitoba Summer Adventure!

Meet Manitoba

Disclaimer: I’m writing this during a time of Covid-19. If you feel uncomfortable traveling, do what feels best for you. At the time of these travels, I am doing just that – what is safe and best for myself and my husband.

"Lakwatsera" is Tagalog for someone who can't stay still. Explore Manitoba with me!

This page is the hub for all upcoming links of the daytrips/overnights we are doing this summer. In lieu of our honeymoon in the Caribbean, we decided to play the hand we have been dealt. This is our time to explore the gorgeous landscape of Manitoba, our home province. Check out our camping and day trips below and explore Manitoba with us!

Meet our Beautiful Home <3

These are listed in the order in which we visited each place.

  • Steep Rock – beautiful tourquoise waters and limestone cliffs (Coming soon)
  • Patricia Beach Provincial Park – quiet and tranquil beach an hour out of the city (Coming soon)
  • Riding Mountain National Park – trails, the marina, and overnight camping (Coming soon)
  • Caddy Lake – kayaking through the tunnels (Coming soon)
  • Blue Lake, Kenora & Rushing River Provincial Park – OK, this is Ontario, but safe to travel to and so beautiful for a day trip (Coming soon)
  • Hecla-Grindstone Provincial Park – premium cabins and trails (Coming soon)
  • Stephenfield Provincial Park – staying in a yurt! (Coming soon)
  • Camp Morton – staying in a pet-friendly cabin and checking some trails! (Coming soon)
  • Morden – with the Corn & Apple Festival cancelled this year, we’re collaborating with Travel Manitoba for a day trip to explore Morden further! (Coming soon)
  • Hnausa Beach Provincial Park – daytrip outdoors! (Coming soon)
  • Beaudry Provincial Park – beautiful trails and the tallest, oldest trees in our province. (Coming soon)
  • Otter Falls Provincial Park – setting up our tent to enjoy those views. (Coming soon)
  • Nutimik Provincial Park – Private lakeside site, a beautiful beach and some hiking in tow. (Coming soon)
  • Brereton Lake Provincial Park – a new favourite of ours for a day getaway (Coming soon)
Visiting Steep Rock, Manitoba

Connect with me!

It sure is going to be a fun-filled summer! Stay tuned for links to full posts and more photos. Follow me on social media (scroll down to get my Instagram account) to get the latest in what I’m up to. Can’t wait to connect with you all! Thanks for checking in!



PS: I love feedback and learning about new places. What places do you recommend I explore the rest of the year? Let me know by messaging me on IG or using this contact form.

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