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Meet my 2-Day London Itinerary.

Meet London, UK.

I am back with fresh travel posts!  This will serve as my anchor page for my adventures in London this past summer. Links go live as soon as they are published.

I had never been to London before and relied heavily on what other bloggers suggested – so naturally, I’m paying it forward!  For more information about each stop, make sure you check out the links under each day.  Also, don’t forget to check out my post about King’s Cross Station and the Eurostar!

Please note that this itinerary is only a suggestion and was based on my own schedule, abilities and planning.  Check out my 2-Day Itinerary of London, England!

Day One (Morning)

  • Tower of London
  • Tower Bridge
  • SHAD
  • Thames River Walk
  • Hay’s Galleria
  • London Bridge
  • Borough Market Hall
  • Globe Theatre

>>> For details, check out this blog post here:  Meet More London.

Meet London, UK.

Day One (Evening)

  • Westminster Abbey
  • Eye of London
  • Houses Parliament (and Big Ben)
  • Buckingham Palace
  • County Hall

>>> For details on this itinerary, check out this blog post:  Meet Westminster, London.


Day Two

  • Leadenhall Market
  • Picadilly Circus
  • Notting Hill
  • Leicester Square
  • Chinatown
  • Trafalgar Square

>>> For Leadenhall Market/Notting Hill, check out this blog post:  Meet (Even More) of London.

>>> For Picadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Chinatown and Trafalgar Square, check out this blog postMeet London’s West End.

What a rush.  This certainly isn’t everything to do in London, but definitely feasible.  Being a first-timer, I wanted to make sure I got around to the more “touristy” things.  If I return, I’ll definitely dive into more of the local scene.

Where do you suggest I go next time?



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  1. Ethel Author

    Hi Judi, where do you book your trips? I’ll definitely rely on your travel tips if I do ever land in Europe 😊.

    • Hi Ethel! I actually just do a lot of research before hand and do my trips DIY style. 🙂 That way, it’s customized to exactly what I want to do/see, at my pace. I just group attractions together based on location. There are some good tour options though with companies like G Tours and Trafalgar which take you to different cities and include accomodations and transportation. Or day tours via Hop-On Hop-Off tour busses or Viator.

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