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Meet Benjarong, Dusit Thani.

Meet Benjarong, Dusit Thani.

Some days you need a culinary break from dining local on vacation.  After a week of eating primarily Filipino/Chinese dishes, it was finally time for different cuisine and a different atmosphere.  Enter Benjarong restaurant, part of Dusit Thani hotel’s international Thai chain.  With a tagline of Royal Thai Cuisine, you’re in for a fine dining experience.

Benjarong Restaurant

  • Official Website
  • Dusit Thani Makati – Ayala Center (1223 Makati City, Metro Manila)
  • 5 star rating


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Walking in, you certainly can see and feel the 5-star rating.  Soft-spoken staff are eloquent and dressed in traditional Thai silks.  Artefacts that you’d find in Thailand line the walls and shelves.  Even the detailing on the menu and plates are also reminiscent of fine dining in Thailand.


We opted for traditional recipes that we’ve had authentically while in Bangkok.  By doing this, we could also appreciate any changes they’ve made to adapt classic Thai cuisine.  We had gai rue nueva kratieam prig thai (stir-fried beef with garlic and pepper sauce) paired with khao pad (fried rice -with the pineapple option).

A Thai meal wouldn’t be complete without pad thai (we chose prawns).  Our dish was rounded and wrapped in what looked like dry egg noodles.  It was beautiful!  All the dishes were not as flavourful as the street food, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.  For example, I was able to eat some of the spicier options without burning my tastebuds off.   The presentation of the food was exquisite.  The servings were fairly small but they did use quality ingredients.

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Dessert was our favourite khao neaw mamuang (mango sticky rice).  Small portions, but certainly just as delicious as their Thai counterparts.

You Should Visit If…

The ambience of this restaurant would be great for milestone celebrations, or for those introverts who enjoy peaceful spaces.  The 5 star service also means you get a designated waiter/waitress with personalized service.  Benjarong is also a good option if, like us, you need a change of pace from eating local cuisine each day.

There are certainly more budget-friendly options to have Thai cuisine, but a little luxury never hurt anyone.  😉  Enjoy Benjarong, my fellow foodies!




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