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Meet Granville Island.

Meet Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada. - judimeetsworld

Granville Island had origins as an industrial wasteland but had undergone urban redevelopment in the late 1970s.  It now serves as a place where locals and visitors alike gather for inspiration and entertainment.  Granville has a choice of activities for any age with plenty to do for young families.

Getting There


Getting to Granville Island is easy by ground and by water.  The island promotes walking and biking with the bike racks available, but there are also public busses, taxies and parking options.  My personal favourite was to get there by boat – either personal (there is docking space) or commercial via Vancouver’s Aquabus or the False Creek Ferries.  I got to Granville via the Aquabus stop across the river at English Bay/Downtown Vancouver.


GIExploring Granville Island

So…many…options for dining, activities, and entertainment.  I loved seeing all of the art on display, from woodwork craftsmanship, to posters advertising local theatre projects, to beautiful totem poles.  There were also some pop-up galleries during that visit to wander into and explore.  There were also plenty of programs meant for youth and the young at heart – perfect for families.

Ample walking areas gave everyone a chance to explore comfortably on foot, and everything was within walking distance on the tiny island.  For those needing a break from a walk around, there were also plenty of sitting areas to enjoy the gorgeous view of downtown Vancouver across the river – a metropolitan city, its beaches, and the Canadian Rockies as a background.


Granville Island Public MarketGI2

Arguably the biggest draw to Granville is their Public Market as pictured above.  The market has food vendors to grab lunch as well as fresh produce and handcrafted items for purchase.  For those living in Winnipeg, think of it as Granville’s take on The Forks – but way more options.  Supporting local was never so aesthetically appealing as the way it’s set up in the market.  It was also sweet to see people loading up their backpacks or eco-friendly bags with their purchases for their bike rides back home.  The green eco-friendly scene here was evident.

One little quirk that caught my eye was a sign posted on the seating areas.  It was very Canadian.  It reads:

Enjoy!  Make new friends.  Share a table.



Have you visited Granville Island?  What do you like most about it?  Let me know!



Meet Granville Island, Vancouver, Canada. - judimeetsworld

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