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Meet Woodbury Common Premium Outlets.

Meet Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, NYC - judimeetsworld

Gloomy days aren’t so bad when you get to the outlets (about an hour out of Manhattan) just at opening hour – and it feels like you have the whole place to yourself!

Those who know me well are aware that each time I travel to the USA, if I am anywhere near an outlet mall, I find a way to get there.  New York City’s premium outlets come in the form of clusters of stores in New England style buildings (newly remodeled since my last visit) that look like they could, in themselves, be a tiny town.  This is the shopping heaven I visit annually – Woodbury Common Premium Outlets.  

Meet Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. Meet Woodbury Common Premium Outlets. Meet Woodbury Common Premium Outlets.

Early in my years of annual NYC visits, I used to have a family member drive me out for my shopping excursion.  Somewhere in my early 20s, I figured out that I could hop onto a bus at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Manhattan, and other services with other stops around the city, that make hourly round trips.

Meet Woodbury Common Premium Outlets.The bus service I usually go with is provided by Shortline, which offers free wifi onboard.  The round trip is $42.00 and includes a VIP coupon book.  For those, such as myself, who know exactly which stores you want to hit, I suggest you sign up to become a VIP Club member on the premium outlets site – this gets you your Savings Passport with its own set of deals.  You can also opt out of the VIP coupon book which reduces your fare to about $36.00.

I always make sure to have a copy of the bus schedule with me so I can plan my return trip.  I’ve been really good lately at keeping my trips to a minimum.  I plan ahead which stores I want to go to, and this being my umpteenth trip out, I can make a beeline directly to my target stores.  Always a good idea to have a centre map with you as the amount of stores you’ll be wandering in and out of can be overwhelming for the first time visitor!

Meet Woodbury Common Premium Outlets.For those shopaholics really looking to maximize on some deals, I recommend bringing your carry-on luggage, particularly if it has wheels.  It’s an easy way to tote your items around, since there’s a lot of walking between the different “valleys” or regions of Woodbury Common.  Luggage can be stored underneath the bus or with you, if there’s enough space on board.

Keep in mind that if you are flying back after your NYC trip, you’ll still need to adhere to your airline’s luggage policies.  Space wise, I recommend the Eagle Creek cube system (which you can conveniently purchase at the Samsonite or Luggage Factory outlets at Woodbury Common), but do remember that space-saving does not mean weight-saving.  If you’re feeling like you’re going to need some extra luggage for the trip home to carry all your newly purchased goods, then the luggage stores onsite are the place to get some steals for good quality brand name luggage.

Ready for your shopping experience at Woodbury Common?  Whether your deal hunting, splurging, or indulging in some retail therapy, have a happy shopping day!

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