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Meet the 2017 Casa do Minho Portuguese Pavilion.

With a theme of Portugal’s contributions to the world, it’s hard not to find a connection with this pavilion’s art, traditions and culture.

Casa do Minho Portuguese Pavilion

Venue:  Casa do Minho (1080 Wall St.)
Dates:  Sun. Aug 6th to Sat. August 12th
Extra Shows:  Sun, Mon & Sat:  5:30pm;  Sat:  11:00pm

** For a complete, updated listing of pavilions I have visited so far, please click here.



Cultural Display

The cultural display is in the hallway just outside the show.  Here, a hall of fame for Portuguese nationals is set up.  You’ll find explorers, performing artists, musicians, athletes, you name it!  More information and examples are also found in the video that plays during the show itself.

There is also a cuisine section that shares the typical herbs and spices used to season Portuguese dishes.  This is perfect for before you head into the hall and start smelling all the delicious food!


You can hear the people at the back preparing the dishes while the aromas of all the food fill up the room.  Grilled sardines are the specialty culinary item and these are grilled outside in the back.  On your way out, the back parking lot becomes an extended patio where you’ll see a tent set up.  This tent houses a live band and tables and chairs so you can enjoy a meal al fresco with live entertainment.  The Portuguese sure know how to keep this party going!


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There is both an MC and a video that plays that explains their theme or the entertainment you’re about to see.  The colourful skirts move with the dancers as they spin to the sound of castanets and the live musicians.  You can see the youngest members of the group learning the very basic steps.  The intermediate and young adults then take the steps in more elaborate and sophisticated patterns.

Above and Beyond

The video made for an informative visual on the history of whatever topics they were discussing.  I also learned that Minho is in the northern part of Portugal so this pavilion focuses on the music, dances and costumes of that area.

Congratulations again to the volunteers, coordinators and performers at the Casa do Minho Portuguese Pavilion!

** For a complete, updated listing of pavilions I have visited so far, please click here.



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