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Meet the 2017 Ethiopian Pavilion.

Meet the Ethiopian Pavilion.

“You have to try the coffee.  In our culture, we must serve the coffee.  Even after we’re done ours, if someone comes to visit, we make a fresh batch.  It’s part of how we show respect.”

Ethiopian Pavilion

Venue: Ethiopian Cultural Centre (215 Selkirk Ave)
Dates:  Sun. Aug 6th to Sat. August 12th

** For a complete, updated listing of pavilions I have visited so far, please click here.

Cultural Display

This pavilion has a collection of carved woodwork and visual art that could be found in Ethiopia spread across tables and the walls.  There is such intricate detailing in some of the tapestries and paintings that I really appreciated.  Some of the art tell a story without needing to understand the language – and isn’t that the true beauty of art? 🙂

Meet the Ethiopian Pavilion. Meet the Ethiopian Pavilion.


COFFEE.  Let me just throw that out there right off the bat.  Coffee is a huge part of Ethiopian culture as an act of respect, an act of welcoming, closely tied to the social aspect of their culture.  In fact, after purchasing your ticket for your coffee, you head to the front of the room where there is a woman specifically assigned to roast the coffee beans in a pot before pouring out the coffee.  There was another woman who had taken the roasted coffee beans around the room so you can take a few and see the way it has changed colour, and smell the aromatic scent of the beans.

Meet the Ethiopian Pavilion.In a wicker basket beside the coffee is a spongy bread cut into cubes that also was passed around to try a few pieces as you enjoy the show.  This gave me the feeling of being invited into someone’s home – the smell of fresh coffee filling the room and volunteers passing bread around.  Such a lovely environment.

Before you leave, try their signature dish, injera, which is a type of bread served with spicy sauce or vegetables



These dancers have so much energy, it’s incredible.  Where they get their stamina from to perform a 45 minute show is awe-inspiring.  Dancers are jumping, turning, thrusting their shoulders back and forth – all with beautiful smiles on their faces.  With the liveliness of their music, I don’t blame them for having fun on stage while sharing their culture.

Get ready to try out some of those shoulder moves!  There is a quick mini-dance lesson of how to move your shoulders the way the dancers too – it’s a LOT harder than it looks.

TIP:  Come early as the venue can get packed pretty quickly.

Meet the Ethiopian Pavilion.

Above and Beyond

Similar to the German Pavilion, I had the opportunity to interview a few folks at this pavilion for Mabuhay TV.  I had the pleasure of interviewing their ambassadors, as well as the president of the Ethiopian Society of Winnipeg and the pavilion coordinator.

Some little known facts about Ethiopia that you may not know, that they taught me, are:

  • Ethiopia is the only African country that was not colonized by Europe.
  • Some of the world’s greatest runners (Olympic gold medalists) are from Ethiopia.
  • “Lucy,” the first remains of the earliest form of human was found in Ethiopia.
  • Ethiopian coffee is the original coffee to have been made in the history of the world.

See?  You learn something new each year you visit – or in this case, FOUR new things at one stop!

Congratulations to the Ethiopian Pavilion for being so welcoming.  What’s your favourite part of the Ethiopian experience?  Connect with me and let me know!

** For a complete, updated listing of pavilions I have visited so far, please click here.



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