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Meet the 2017 Indochina Chinese Pavilion.

Meet the 2017 Indochina Chinese Pavilion.

I always learn about my own family’s culture and reminisce on my time working temporarily in Southeast Asia when I visit the Indochina Chinese Pavilion.  The Indochina region refers to the Southeast Asia countries that have been influenced by Chinese art, culture and traditions.


Indochina Chinese Pavilion

Venue:  City Oasis (435 Cumberland Ave)
Dates:  Sun. Aug. 13th to Sat. Aug. 19th

** For a complete, updated listing of pavilions I have visited so far, please click here.

Meet the 2017 Indochina Chinese Pavilion.

Cultural Display

Head upstairs to the cultural display to see how the Chinese culture weaves into other countries’ art and traditions.  In addition to exploring the display, get your name written phonetically in Chinese calligraphy.  You can also check out various jewelry and adorable stuffed animals to take home.



Pair your meal of choice with some tea or the popular Tsing Tao beer.  There are different combination plates to choose from.  I was mostly seeing people choose the fried rice and spring roll combination.

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Again, this pavilion features different countries in Southeast Asia that have had Chinese influence.  You will see similarities between different numbers and performers’ costumes – as well as distinct differences.  Note the variety of accessories that accompany different outfits.  Also note the styles of sleeves and the different movements. Performers at this tradition range from the youth to the adults, making for a very inter-generational experience. Witness how traditions are passed down between the dance groups.  There is also a musical act of the traditional flute.

Don’t miss the beginning of the show that starts off with a bang using two lion dancers to the beat of the drum and cymbals.  These lions reach great heights and even explore the audience.  One creative part of the lion dance was when a young performer came on stage and the lion picked him up with his mouth, and spun him around.  Don’t worry, he runs off to safety at the end. 😉


Above and Beyond

The souvenir section gives you the opportunity to have your name translated into Chinese calligraphy.  A very personalized cultural souvenir to take home with you after your journey to this pavilion!   A social media contest for prizes also got you learning some trivia!

Congratulations again to the Indochina Chinese Pavilion for a successful 2017 run.

** For a complete, updated listing of pavilions I have visited so far, please click here.



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