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Meet OFE’s Canada Goose Employment Courses.

Meet Canada Goose.

As you saw in my last post, I’ve partnered with Opportunities for Employment (OFE)’s Canada Goose Program to spread the word about an amazing opportunity available in Winnipeg.  If you haven’t yet seen that post, check it out here:

Meet Canada Goose at Opportunities for Employment

Canada Goose Training

As mentioned, OFE provides Employability Classes for applicants to help get them work ready for being on the line.  I observed a class where students are given a task as well as a time frame to encourage working at a steady pace.  Students watched a provided origami video, then repeat the video as needed to create the product – 25 folded paper shirts in 40 minutes.

The instructor let me know that this was an exercise in following directions, producing quality items, along with stress management.

It’s also important to note that these instructions are from watching it done on a video.  It’s a very visual and hands-on training, as OFE and Canada Goose have found a way to be inclusive of differnet home languages.  Newcomers don’t need to be fluent in English to gain employment and training – and any work-related terms will be learned and communicated through their courses.

Progressive Steps to Employment

Applicants interested in this position must be available for 5 weeks of unpaid, full time training.  During this time, they learn essential skills to advanced techniques.  Other hands-on activities in the room teach focused listening skills, coordination, and moving efficiently and productively.

At the end of the paper folding exercise, all trainees look at their finished products.  They separate their finished products into two piles:  good quality and not acceptable.  Trainees look for details while also self-assessing their work.  They’ll identify what is a quality product, as well as what they can do differently to ensure more quality products are produced.  After practice with paper folding and paying attention to detail, ready students go on a sewing machine with an instructor.

During the class, you learn everything from doing basic straight lines on the machine, up to zig-zags, squares and other detailed styles until you create a small, medium and large tote bag.

Mentored Learning

One thing I noticed in class was the way that instructors interacted with the trainees.  There was definitely the feeling of having a mentor.  Instructors allowed students to work independently, while circulating to give reminders, advice and feedback.  They celebrated successes and gave next steps to consider to make more quality products.

As an outsider looking in, the environment was one that emphasized productivity and also of mentorship.  Modeled activities guided the students and instructors were available to take questions.

Workspace Environment

I had the recent pleasure of touring the new Canada Goose facilities on Mountain.  I will be updating this post with information and photos of my experience there.  In the meantime, click the link below to return to the main information page:

Meet Canada Goose at Opportunities for Employment

Get a hold of me on that main page by filling out the form to book your spot in a free information session!

Updates coming soon, so stay tuned!

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