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Meet the Punjab Pavilion.

Meet the Punjab Pavilion. - judimeetsworld

Punjab – the land of five rivers.  This pavilion is always on my must-visit list.  My friend recommended it a few years back, calling it the “Punjab Party Pavilion,” and boy, she was right!

Punjab Pavilion

Meet the Punjab Pavilion. - judimeetsworldVenue:  Punjab Cultural Centre (1770 King Edward St.)
Dates:  Sun., August 31st to Sat., July 6th
Extended Shows:  Sun. & Sat. (5:15pm), Fri. (11:00pm)

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First Impressions

Meet the Punjab Pavilion. - judimeetsworldI’ve always been in awe of traditional clothing:  the details and intricate beadword, the material, and the rich colours.  Don’t even get me started on the exquisite accessories to complete the look.

To display this aspect of their culture, the cultural display is decorated with various artefacts and fabrics with said vibrant designs.  Because of all the different fabrics, this cultural display is hands down one of the most colourful I’ve seen.

Cultural Display

Traditions, instruments, everyday items in a Punjabi home, and a selection of different cultural attire are among the many things to see and learn in the cultural display.  As mentioned above, the cultural display is a very visually colourful and inviting area.  In addition to the upstairs cultural display, somewhere on the main floor, you can learn how to tie a turban and get some temporary henna tattoo designs as well!

Meet the Punjab Pavilion. - judimeetsworld Meet the Punjab Pavilion. - judimeetsworld


I recall last year that I had a vegetarian option.  The platter came abundant with saag (spinach), chana masala (chick peas), kadhi (vegetarian curry made with yogurt).  To complete the meal, a generous amount of naan bread.


Dancers have tremendous amounts of energy as they jump continuously on stage.  Co-MCs Sandy Chahal and Sachit Mehra joked that they were surprised the stage hasn’t broken with all that energy!  Both MCs made sure that each performance was given a thorough introduction, including translations.  One adorable name was Sohniyan Punjabana, meaning “cute, young girls of Punjab.”

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We learned about gidha, a style of dance before the rise of Bollywood.  In this dance, young women clap their hands and move their feet quickly to the music.  Maples Gidha entered together under a cloth – how appropriate for a “Woven Together” theme!   Another high energy number came in the popular bhangra style of dancing.  Winnipeg Bhangra had people cheering even before their number was over!

Above and Beyond

Everyone in the audience is invited on stage to join the party.  So don’t pretend you weren’t dancing in your seat the whole time!  This “party” pavilion lives up to their fun reputation.  To conclude the program, a song literally called “Party like a Punjabi” is played as guests are invited onto the stage.  Dancers and volunteers storm the stage to dance altogether and celebrate Punjabi culture!

Make sure you come to the Punjab Pavilion and party on stage with them!

** For a complete, updated listing of pavilions I have visited so far, please click here.



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