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Meet the 2017 Russian Pavilion.

Meet the 2017 Russian Pavilion.

There was all sorts of magic happening at the Russian Pavilion!

Russian Pavilion

Venue:  Holy Cross Gym
Dates:  Sun. Aug. 13th to Sat. Aug. 19th
Extended Show Times:  Thurs to Sat – 5:30pm

** For a complete, updated listing of pavilions I have visited so far, please click here.


Cultural Display

Meet the 2017 Russian Pavilion.What’s a visit to Russia without seeing a few Russian dolls?  You’ll see two inflatable ones just as you enter the pavilion and more in their cultural display and souvenir shops!

During the performances, you’ll see the samovar on the main stage in the background.  This is the metal device in Russian culture that heats the water for the tea.  Don’t forget to check out their Samovar Tea Lounge to get interactive in learning about Russian culture.


The food here is rich in its flavour.  One of the volunteers let me know that the Baltica beer is a good choice, and a popular dish at this pavilion is their borshch.  She also recommended the Russian crepes.



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The live performers at this pavilion were mostly brought in from other places including Zhenya Kolykhanov (The Flying Balalaika Brothers) and a few members of the rock groups Red Elvises and Limpopo.  New this year is the Sabotage Performance dance group that was invited to perform the dance numbers at this pavilion.  They performed the classic Marsha and the Bear (mascot included) and included some very whimsical numbers.  A favourite of the crowd was the magical one with the two woman who magically grow in height with their magnificent gowns.


Above and Beyond

The performances really brought in the history while showing the balance of tradition with creativity.  Always such a pleasure to have the talents from other places.  It’s so heartwarming to know that Russian culture is being shared worldwide!

Thank you again to the Russian Pavilion for having us!

** For a complete, updated listing of pavilions I have visited so far, please click here.



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