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Meet the 2017 Pabellón de España / Spain Pavilion.

Meet the Pabellon de Espana.

Ole, ole, ole!  Explore the different festivals that occur thoughout the year in Spain, and enjoy the grace of the dancers at this pavilion.


Pabellón de España

Venue:  Caboto Centre (1055 Wilkes Ave)
Dates:  Sun. Aug 6th to Sat. August 12th

** For a complete, updated listing of pavilions I have visited so far, please click here.


Meet the Pabellon de Espana.Cultural Display

“OH, we’re pretty much cousins!”  🙂

The Pabellón de España has a theme of the festivals that occur in Spain throughout the year.  You can see how different each tradition is – some are infamous such as the running of the bulls, or the the human towers.

I also enjoyed seeing the religious-based celebrations as this connected me with the influence that the Spanish left on my own country, the Philippines.  I mean, my last name is Jayme after all, pronounced like the Spanish name Jaime when said correctly.

While you explore, enjoy the music of Spanish classical guitar as played by Manolo Garcia.



Paella (the famous rice-chicken-and-seafood dish) is a classic go-to at this pavilion.  If you want to try something different, try their gammas al ajillo which is a garlic shrimp.  Depending what you’re in the mood for, you can have the Estrella beer, or pair your meal with a cool and fruity blend of sangria.  Could one get a pitcher of this?  Asking for a friend.  😉  (lol)


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Performances are done by the Sol de España dance troupe.  You’ll see the flamenco pieces being performed by the young children, then building up to the adults.  I especially liked the duo that performed a piece for a mother and daughter.  You can really see that elegance in dance is timeless.  I often found myself almost mesmerized by the rhythm of their steps, the flowing of their costumes, or the clicking of the castanets.


Above and Beyond

There are sheets describing each festival that you can take home – an extra step by the Pabellón de España to make sure they are really sharing their culture with others.

Thank you again for the hospitality and thorough cultural display tour to the Pabellón de España!

** For a complete, updated listing of pavilions I have visited so far, please click here.



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