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Meet my Carry-On.

Meet my Carry-On luggage and packing tips - judimeetsworld

Here’s what my carry-on suitcase looks like for a weekend getaway or a short trip.  I’ve learned to not overpack when traveling and what a difference it makes!  How do I make packing a carry-on easier for myself, considering all the travel products out there that companies push you to buy?  It’s a bit of trial and error, but here are some items I recommend:

Carry-On Tips

  1. Shower Caps – if you’re staying at a hotel, they’re most likely going to provide you with a shower cap.  I use this to wrap my shoes!  It keeps them together and prevents them from dirtying up anything else in my carry-on luggage.  It also does this job without taking up space the way a shoe box or a shoe organizer would.  Believe it or not, I used to travel with shoe boxes, even in my tiny carry-on space – live and learn!Meet my Carry-On luggage and packing tips - judimeetsworld
  2. Eagle Creek Packing Cubes – You may remember my previous entry about these packing cubes.  I suppose any brand will do, but I really enjoy my Eagle Creek ones – my parents also invested in a set for their travel adventures as well.  Saves space, easily separates dirty from clean (if you use the double-sided ones), and keeps everything organized.
  3. Cocoon Grid-It – I have been eyeing this for years, but waited for product reviews before investing in one myself.  The Cocoon Grids come in various sizes – I chose the 8×12 and it still left ample room.  It makes for easy storage and easy access for anything I need electronically.  I also began storing essentials like my house keys and lipbalm so I didn’t have to dig around for them.  I also packed my 6ft Apple charger – a game changer for charging at airports and on flights!

    Meet my Carry-On luggage and packing tips - judimeetsworld
  4. Literature – I usually use flights to catch up on sleep, but you can only sleep so much on longer flights, so I bring reading materials with me.  In this case, I had extra copies of Valen‘s books since he sold all of his prior to my arrival.  I’m the nicest girlfriend.


What are your packing suggestions/necessities for carry-on luggage?



Meet my Carry-On luggage - judimeetsworld

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