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Meet Suntribe Travel Packing Cubes.

Meet Suntribe Travel Packing Cubes. - judimeetsworld

Months ago, I wrote a review on Eagle Creek packing cubes.  Since then, Suntribe Travel contacted me via to review their 7-Piece Packing Cubes and Laundry Travel Set.  If you’d like to have your product reviewed, send an e-mail to with your information/offers.  Thank you!

Suntribe Travel 7-Piece Set

The set comes in a variety of colours; I chose to go with a solid gray.  The package arrived and I was excited to try them out!  You can never have too many packing cubes, I suppose.  😉  This is what comes with the set:

  1. Large packing cube.
  2. Medium packing cube.
  3. Small packing cube (not that much smaller than the medium).
  4. Large laundry pouch.
  5. Medium laundry pouch.
  6. Small laundry pouch (all are zippered).
  7. Drawstring bag (not pictured in these shots).

First Impressions

At first glance, the material was thin compared to the Eagle Creek products.  Each cube’s depth, however, was impressive and was definitely a selling point.  The double zippers made squeezing every last item into them easy.  In addition to dirty laundry, wet bathing suits would be perfect to store in one of the laundry pouches.  Good amount of items for its price (retails, currently on sale, for only $17.99 CDN).

Testing the Product


Feeling ambitious, I chose 3 of each category that I would normally pack.  Dresses, sweaters, casual shirts, dressier tops, tanks, bottoms and bathing suits. I even added an additional dressy top for good measure.  That’s 22 items!

Note, this didn’t include necessities like underwear, socks, and sleepwear.  The bulkiest clothes are best for testing the space in these cubes.  Besides, those smaller items get stuffed into shoes to keep their shape.



They fit!  Not only did they fit, but there was ample room to still leave a layer or two on top!  The laundry bags didn’t need anything in them, and they easily zip into each other.  I’ll have to do a post-trip review of how they hold up.

Thank you, Suntribe Travel, for reaching out about the 7-Piece Packing Cube and Laundry travel set.  Click that link to see the product on Amazon!

Before I end this post, wanted to share that this is my first post done entirely on my brand new Macbook Air, including photo editing!  I’ve crossed over from Windows to Mac and I’m in love (and super excited)!



3 thoughts

  1. Nanette schmidt Author

    I order a set of those pouches but only got 4 out of the 6. Please send the rest now

    • Good morning, Ms Schmidt! I do not work for or own Suntribe. I am a travel blogger and I wrote this as a review of the products I recieved. I suggest you contact the seller directly through Amazon or the site you ordered from. Hope that helps! Have a great rest of your day.

  2. tal Author

    Making you buy the whole range rather than choose the items you need is BAD.
    Large mid and small cubes are handy the poches are useless as they can be replaced easily with knotted plastic bag.
    But I can do with 3 large cubes for instance to pack 1-shirts 2-trousers 3-underwear & socks or 2 large and 2 Mid and 2 small

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