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Meet Manhattan at Night.

Meet Manhattan at Night, NYC. - judimeetsworld

Rooftop lounges, celebrity sightings, and artwork, oh my!

Even with this being my twelfth trip out to the city, I’m still discovering new things.

If there’s any city to explore past sundown, New York City would be it.  You can’t help but catch that feeling of “I’m actually here!” as you stand in the middle of the lights of Times Square.  Even a quieter stroll through midtown or the financial district, and you’ll be able to look up and see the lights of a skyscraper, be it the Freedom Tower, the Empire State and Chrysler buildings.

I usually begin my walks by a quick stop to 42nd street.  Here are photos I took in 2012.  I realized that having multiple folders that contain photos of Times Square may be a little excessive…is it really, though?  Check out this beauty below.

eIMG_7494 eIMG_7516

This trip, my transportation of choice as mentioned in my NYC transportation post was the subway.  My subway stop, exactly one stop away, was to take the orange line up to Bryant Park, which offers free wifi, by the way, for those of us traveling with smart phones but option not to buy a data plan for a short trip.  From the stop at Bryan Park, it’s always beautiful to see the Chrysler building, all lit up to give you some sense of direction as you make your way through the always busy streets of midtown Manhattan.  It’s also a quick escape to some green space amidst concrete and steel.  Bryant Park is also famous from the movie The Wedding Planner for being the location that screens movie nights in the summer (which is still on my to-do list, by the way)!  Walking along 42nd street to Times Square is beautiful when you take a minute to look around – particularly if you’re a repeat visitor.  There’s always something new, or something you may have missed since the last trip.  For me, it was a mini-park area with sculptures and art about a block away from Times Square.



I also was walking past the AMC theatre, minding my own business, when I suddenly saw cameras flashing and people yelling for someone’s attention.  As I turned around, I was able to pull my phone out for some quick snapshots of John Travolta, leaving the theatre with his wife and bodyguards.  Random celebrity sightings.  Just another part of the NYC experience!  🙂

IMG_2699 IMG_2703

The cover photo for this post was taken from 230 Fifth, a penthouse restaurant and rooftop lounge on 5th Avenue, near Madison Square Park that a friend took me to.  The rooftop lounge offers robes and heat lamps to keep you warm from the chill, and there are little igloo-shaped shelters to also block out the wind, and all around you are panoramic views of this incredible city.

Cheers to you, NYC!  Always an adventure.

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