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Meet Stella 34 Trattoria.

Meet Stella 34 Trattoria, Macy's, Herald Square, NYC - judimeetsworld

Always looking for new places to eat, ranging from street food to rooftop lounges, I decided to take a walk down the end of my hotel‘s street to check out Stella 34 Trattoria atop Macy’s Herald Square.  Serving up Italian cuisine, this restaurant was an aesthetically beautiful place to settle in straight after traveling for almost 7 hours.

Meet Stella 34 Trattoria. Meet Stella 34 Trattoria.

The restaurant had beautiful table settings and amazing views out the floor-to-ceiling windows.  There were also caricatures of celebrities lining the walls between the windows.  While I was visiting, Macy’s had their 2016 Flower Show, so there were gorgeous flowers all over the iconic (and largest) Macy’s.  Stella 34 Trattoria gave a nod to the Flower Festival by making it the theme of their drink menu!  My cousin and I had the Ginger-Peach Punch (nonalcoholic) and it was delicious!  We ended up ordering a classic margherita pizza and arancini (fried risotto balls with mozzarella).   Both were well made and the staff really took care of your table.

Meet Stella 34 Trattoria. Meet Stella 34 Trattoria.

The Stella 34 Trattoria is part of the Patina Group of restaurants that have an entire lineup of restaurants all across Manhattan (and two other options right in Macy’s itself:  Rowland’s Bar & Grill, and Chef Street) ranging from quick bites to group/family dining and romantic date night options.  I will definitely have to visit another one of their restaurants on a future trip!

Bon appétit, travelers!

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