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Meet Folklorama 2016

Alo Brazil Pavilion. #Folklorama47 #WovenTogether - judimeetsworld

Folklorama is the largest and longest-running multicultural festival of its kind.  Here are facts you need to know about this year’s festival!

Festival Facts

To begin, the intent of Folklorama is “celebrating diversity and promoting cultural understanding.”  In addition to the two-week festival, they also promote ethno-cultural diversity through entertainment and public celebrations of culture, as well as education.

Monika Chakrabortyvalen

Tamil Pavilion. #Folklorama47 #WovenTogether - judimeetsworld

  • Duration:  July 31st to August 13th, 2016
  • Showtimes:  6:45pm, 8:15pm, 9:45pm (some pavilions have extended shows)
  • Venues:  Various locations – official map.
  • 45 pavilions – descriptions are in the official Travel Guide.
  • Travel Guides can be picked up at:
    • Manitoba Liquor Marts
    • Cambrian Credit Union branches
    • Vickar Automotive Group dealerships
    • 7-Eleven stores
    • Online

Single Admission

Single admission to any pavilion is $6.00 (youth, adult, senior) and are available at each pavilion.  In addition, for anyone with children 12 and under admission is FREE with a limit of 5 children per adult.

Fun Packs

Another option for admission is to purchase one of the Fun Packs.  Here are your options!

  • Mini Fun Pack
    • $25.00 for 5 tickets
  • Vickar Automotive Group Fun Pack
    • $54.00 for 12 tickets
    • 12 tickets for the price of 9!

Fun packs are available at Vickar Automotive Group dealerships, Cambrian Credit Union branches, Winnipeg Canad Inns Destination Centre locations and the Folklorama Office (2nd Floor – 183 Kennedy Street).  You can also purchase these tickets at any pavilion entrance.

Chile7 Korean Pavilion. #Folklorama47 #WovenTogether - judimeetsworld

VIP Tours

  • $69.95 for 3 pavilions
  • $54.95 for 2 pavilions and Accessibility Tours
  • $34.95 for Cycle & Walking Tours

VIP Tours provide transportation and/or a guide to pavilions.  Other advantages include bypassing line-ups, reserved seating and progressive meals.  GST is already included in these listed prices.  Book online or call (204) 982-6222 or 1 (800) 665-0234.

African / Caribbean Pavilion. #Folklorama47 #WovenTogether - judimeetsworld Pabelon de Espana. #Folklorama47 #WovenTogether - judimeetsworld


The official 2016 hashtags are #WovenTogether and #Folklorama47 for those posting their experiences on social media.  Similar to last year, there are social media contests throughout the week for pavilion admission.  In summary, use these hashtags to increase your chances of winning!

In regards to the theme, Folklorama Executive Director, Debra Zoerb explains that “Woven Together” represents how Folklorama is an “essential part of the fabric of our lives and what makes living [in Winnipeg] so wonderful.”  So come and explore the tapestry of multiculturalism in Winnipeg.

Furthermore, make sure you keep up with me and my travels.  On this blog, I will post daily reviews and highlights of the pavilions that I visit!

Greek Pavilion. #Folklorama47 #WovenTogether - judimeetsworld India Pavilion. #Folklorama47 #WovenTogether - judimeetsworld

Happy traveling, and Happy Folklorama, everyone!



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