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Meet the 2017 Italian Pavilion.

Meet the 2017 Italian Pavilion.

I met up again with Winnipeg-based photographer and vlogger Christian Narciso of Viewsual Media! !   We did a collaboration so all photos are from Christian.  Also, this means….another VLOG!  🙂  Don’t forget to check out Christian’s vlogs!

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Italian Pavilion

Venue: Centro Caboto Centre (1055 Wilkes Ave)
Dates:  Sun. Aug 13th to Sat. Aug 19th
Extended shows:  Sun & Sat – 5:15pm; Sat – 3:45pm

** For a complete, updated listing of pavilions I have visited so far, please click here.



Meet the 2017 Italian Pavilion.

Cultural Display

The theme of this year’s pavilion is literally written on the wall:  Eat, Dance, Love.  I can get behind that idea! They focus on falling in love, not only with the very romantic cities and sights of Italy, but with the food and with the culture and arts as well.

Chris and I actually met one of the pavilion coordinators while we were covering the Serbia pavilion so this naturally became our first choice of pavilion for our second round of coverage.  The volunteers gave us a tour where we learned about their theme, performances, and of the different items in the cultural display.



You can’t not eat when you’re here.  Eat is literally in their cultural display theme!  This year their food is graciously catered by the original Sorrento’s Ellice location.  Yum, yum, and yum.  I’ll let that speak for itself.  🙂  Also, tiramisu.   Oh, and wine.  I don’t think I need to say anything else.


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You get a tour of Italy through theatre, music, song and dance.  They truly incorporate the theme in their song selection.  There was a beautiful duet done between two young women of the song E Più Ti Penso complete with gorgeous harmonies.  They also visit famous romantic sites such as the Ponte Vecchio in Florence with the love locks.  I was literally on that bridge three weeks ago, and here they’re mentioning it.  Amazing.

One of their performers is a young girl who has actually been performing with them for several years.  Young girl, powerful voice!  The finale was the whole cast performing the song Ti Amo, which had reached international success.  The group performed it with both Italian and English parts.


Above and Beyond

This is a really interactive pavilion.  Audience members are encouraged to join in the singing and dancing, the  mercato encourages you to take home a piece of Italy with you, and their cultural display invites  you to take your selfies with the beautiful and welcoming set-up.  You can even leave a love note on Juliet’s Balcony in the cultural display.  Each night, they select a note to read aloud during the performance!


Check out the Vlog of this adventure (Italian – Japanese – Punjab) in the video below!


Thank you again to Christian of Viewsual Media for exploring three cultures with me in one day!  Congratulations to the Italian Pavilion for another successful year!

** For a complete, updated listing of pavilions I have visited so far, please click here.



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