Meet my 2016 Manila Trip.

Meet Intramuros.

Hello, travelers!

I’m making this anchor page to help you follow along with my adventures.  Click below to find out where I stayed, what tours/activities I did, and meet the lovely folks I met along the way.  You all know I love sharing my travel stories with you!

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Metro Manila

I spent 1/3 of my trip in Metro Manila in order to revisit such a huge part of my identity – my hometown.  Manila has a lot to offer, but for me, it’s always about reuniting with my family back home.

Meet Intramuros.Tips

  1. Stay Connected
    I recommend unlocking your phone before coming abroad (call you service provider to do this – there is a one-time fee).  Purchase a pre-paid SIM Card with either SMART or GLOBE.  I got 3-weeks of unlimited data to stay connected, always.  I also got 75 texts in there as well.  This set me back only 480 PHP ($14 CDN).
  2. Getting Around
    I don’t have a lot of experience taking public transportation.  I recommend using Uber or GrabCar – convenient, reliable, safe, and cost effective.
  3. Private Transportation
    We hired a private SUV and driver for 3000 PHP/day (10 hours) with overage fees of only 150 PHP.  This included gas.  My aunt arranged this, as she knew him from work. We always made sure that he was included with us in our meals.  He is such a reliable and a safe driver, and we truly enjoyed our time with him!  Message me to get his contact information!


Sightseeing/Places to Explore



Where do you recommend I try for my next visit to the Philippines?  Connect with me or send me an e-mail at with your suggestions!



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